For us, it's all about making an impact.

Our company foundation was created by women who shook the world with their empowering souls. We create all of our products to honor those women who came before us, and to empower those who will follow us. It’s only right that we pay it forward to water the flowers within our younger generation of women. 

N°1 // our mission

one woman inspired all of this.

Her name is carmen.

She inspires us every single day.

Our muse has graced this earth for 76 years and still impacts women around the world through her daughters and granddaughters. She is the epitome of “i won’t stop until I make it”.

Straight from the island of Puerto Rico, Carmen paved a way for generations to come. We will always honor her grace, timeless beauty, and resilience.

purpose before profit.

We strive to live our culture at Carmen & Co. That is why a percentage from every purchase during pre-sale will be donated to an organization that helps young women catapult into entrepreneurship at a young age. We thank you for your support and plan to pay it forward to empower and elevate women in the workspace.

We will make change, we will break stigmas, we will demolish generational curses. With your orders, we can or elevate our young women with the resources they need to succeed.

We put our money where our mouth is.

At Carmen and co, we are a family owned business striving to empower women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities. We want to show that empowerment and put our money where our mouths are! That’s why we chose to donate a portion of profit for every Carmen hoop earrings sold to a non profit that supports young women in entrepreneurship.

N°3 // the destination

I'm ready af to start shopping



our why


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The goods

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"baby girl, respect is just a minimum."