We are humanizing the hoop earring.

Humanizing the hoop experience. Because hoop earrings are not just an ornament, this is YOU. You’re not decoration. You have a story. Your hoops are a reflection of who you are - a confident, beautiful, worthy, creative baddie who deserves to be celebrated instead of stereotyped. We're re-creating the relationship between the hoop and the hoop wearer. And we can't wait to have you with us on this journey. 

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Carmen & Co. is a hoop earring line for womxn + female entrepreneurs who have always felt like hoop earrings were “too raunchy," “too inappropriate,” “too big." We are a business that is advocating against “the bigger the hoop, bigger the ho” stereotype, and instead choosing to celebrate & normalize the hoop earring accessory, and the pure magic that comes with it. We aim to create beautiful designs that can be worn to meetings, closing deals, your dream vacation, and brunch with the girls. Conversation starter accessories that remind you of confident, sexy, and sophisticated baddie that you've always been.

Let's say good effing bye to the days of second guessing putting on earrings because we've been conditioned to think they are too big or too much. WE ARE TIRED OF IT. Let's say hello to the days of  power pussy energy with big hoop earrings just like men have big dick energy with expensive, big ass watches. After all....


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I'm Jasmine.

I'm a proud afro-latina entrepreneur who is determined to break the stigma around hoop earrings, help other women find their power, and pay it forward every chance I get. Carmen & Co. has been my dream passion & legacy project for a long time, and to see it come true is something I don't have the words for. I'm so happy you're here on this journey with me.

N°2 // our story

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This is Carmen.

Carmen is Jasmine's grandmother -- a classy, timeless, minimalistic woman who has played a huge part in her life. At Carmen & Co., we plan to name name each set of hoop earrings after a woman who chose to empower and support others.  Of course, it's only fitting that the very first collection -- as well as this business itself -- be named after such a class-act lady. 

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“Hoops exist across many minority groups as symbols of resistance, strength and identity.”





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