We're here to humanize the hoop.

We're humanizing the hoop experience. Because hoop earrings are not just an ornament, this is YOU. You’re not decoration. You have a story. Your hoops are a reflection of who you are - a confident, beautiful, worthy, creative baddie who deserves to be celebrated instead of stereotyped. We're re-creating the relationship between the hoop and the hoop wearer. And we can't wait to have you with us on this journey.

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The collections created for Carmen & Co. are sketched to embody the most important women in the owner’s life. We encourage you to read the descriptions of our Hoop sets so that you can gain the strength that is casted into each pair. Each pair of earrings is created with a specific woman’s journey in mind and is our tribute to their journey. 

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I'm Jasmine.

I'm a proud afro-latina entrepreneur who is determined to break the stigma around hoop earrings, help other women find their power, and pay it forward every chance I get. Carmen & Co. has been my dream passion & legacy project for a long time, and to see it come true is something I don't have the words for. I'm so happy you're here on this journey with me.

N°2 // our story

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“Hoops exist across many minority groups as symbols of resistance, strength and identity.”

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Hoop earrings transform us.

Hoop earrings are underestimated in their ability to make us channel our inner strength, courage, and sexy. What do you feel when you wear your hoops? 



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"baby girl, respect is just a minimum."